Rosetta - Outcropping

Rosetta Outcropping combines the subtlety of natural weathered outcropping stone with the installation efficiency and engineered security of interlocking dimensional concrete blocks. There are three design options available for Outcropping Wall System (dependent on local soil conditions and surcharge type). The following is a quick reference to help determine which option is applicable to your specific project. 

Gravity walls can be constructed up to 7 feet. 

Cast-in-place concrete can be poured behind the wall to increase the overall gravity wall height to up to 9 feet. 

Reinforced walls utilize a combination of geogrid and Paraweb strapping to reinforce and secure the system.  Reinforced walls have been constructed in excess of 25 feet.

For more specific information, Rosetta Hardscapes has prepared detailed cross-sections for walls in a range of assumed conditions. Three simple drop-down menus allow you to select wall type, soil type, and loading conditions. Once you have selected all three items, this page returns a series of walls over a range of heights that match your selections. Cross-section drawings in AutoCad and PDF format and a copy of the backup calculations are provided for your use. These design aids do not replace the need for final wall design by a registered Professional Engineer.