Paving Stones

Interlocking concrete pavers can be installed in a variety of patterns to add vitality to any environment. Use them to create style, colour and eye-catching patterns while providing a durable and long-lasting surface. Pavers make a superior integrated system for pedestrian and residential applications.

Benefits of the AquaPave System

For the Developer:

  1. Proven technology.  The AquaPave system has been successfully used in over 500 projects throughout the world.
  2. Long design life.  AquaPave pavers have a design life equivalent to that of standard pavers, typically 30 to 40 years.  When outside sources of sediment (topsoil from flower beds, etc) are kept from the system, a minimum of 20 to 25 year life can be expected for the entire system; this is based on actual research conducted at the Urban Resource Centre - University of South Australia. Should outflow become significantly diminished, a vacuum truck can be used to clean out the joints; if the problem goes beyond the surface, the pavers can be pulled up, the bedding layer and Inbitex geotextile replaced, and the stones reinstated. 
  3. Potential reduction in construction costs.  Although the square foot (surface) cost to install AquaPave can be more expensive than other recognized surfacing approaches, cost savings are realized through the reduction or elimination of typical storm water management infrastructure including collection works, water retention ponds, treatment systems (e.g. oil/water separator) and associated appurtenances.
  4. Increase in usable space onsite.  Because parking, infiltration and detention facilities are all in one location, the traditional storm water retention pond is no longer required and more surface space is made available for use by the developer.  
  5. Compliance with the new storm water management guidelines.  AquaPave is an important first attempt at complying with new storm water guidelines being introduced by several municipalities (such as the City of Toronto's Wet Weather Flow Management Guidelines). 

For the Designer:

  1. Design options available for all types of native soils.  Design details are available for all types of native soil conditions, ranging from Full Exfiltration (all water is recharged back into the local groundwater) to No Exfiltration (water is stored within the sub-base layer of the AquaPave System prior to release or reuse).
  2. Eligible for earning points through Leed.  Initial points are available through SS Credit 6.1 (Storm Water Management - Rate and Quantity) and SS Credit 6.2 (Storm Water Management - Treatment).   Depending on the final project details, additional points can be obtained through SS Credit 7.1 (Heat Island Effect - Non Roof), SS Credit 7.2 (Heat Island Effect - Roof), MR Credit 2.1 (Construction Waste Management), MR Credit 3.1 (Resource Reuse), MR Credit 4.1 (Recycled Content), MR Credit 5.1 (Manufactured Regionally), and MR Credit 5.2 (Extracted Regionally). 
  3. The patented vertical channel design can be modified to work with any style of paver.  Although we presently only manufacture the AquaPave in a traditional 4x8 size, the patented design can be modified to work with any size and shape of paver - that gives us the ability to accommodate the request of Landscape Architects for an "aesthetically appealing" and "versatile" permeable paver. 
  4. Onsite roof water can be directed to the system.  
  5. System can be used for water harvesting.  Water stored within the AquaPave system can be re-used for non-potable uses such as domestic or commercial irrigation, or flushing of lavatories. 
  6. System can be used within tree root boundary.  When AquaPave is used over load bearing tree soils, air and water is allowed to reach the roots.  This allows hard surfaces to be used right up to the border of the tree pit. 
  7. Geothermal system design drawings are available. 

For the Environment:

  1. Reduction of runoff.  The opening of the AquaPave can accommodate up to 354 mm/hr (9000 mm/hr or 9000 litres/square metre/hr).  Even using a conservative 90% reduction in efficiency (to account for the potential buildup of sediments over the years), this greatly exceeds commonly recurring storms. 
  2. Digestion of hydrocarbon contaminants.  The runoff from parking lots represents the biggest single source of oil going into the ocean;  that is why the AquaPave system incorporates Inbitex geotextile, which has been proven to bioremediate high levels of oil contaminates (70 grams of oil per square metre per year).
  3. Provides filtration and treatment of pollutants.  Studies of permeable pavers have shown substantial reduction of non-point source pollution in runoff, including nickel (96% reduction), copper (93%), cadmium (97%), lead (96%), palladium (91%) and platinum (82%).. 
  4. Recharge the groundwater table.  Where the native soils are conducive, the surface water can be recharged back into the groundwater.  Groundwater is not only the primary source of drinking water, but it also maintains the base flow characteristics of our watercourses between precipitation events. 

For the End User:

  1. No loose aggregates on the surface .  Unlike other permeable pavements, the AquaPave system does not incorporate loose aggregates on its surface, making it safer and more comfortable to walk on, especially for those wearing high heels or using canes/wheelchairs. 
  2. Voids are ADA compliant.  The voids between the individual stones are less than 13 mm wide, which meet the recommendations of the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). 
  3. Capability to create flat surfaces.  Because the stormwater infiltrates between the stones, the surface does not need to be sloped; parking lots and walkways can be constructed perfectly flat, making it easier to navigate. 
  4. Not prone to surface water accumulations (ponding).  Surface water flows through the stones, rather than over the surface; this prevents accumulations from occurring at low spots or where surface flow is impeded. 
  5. Slip and skid resistance.  Vehicular skid resistance tests have demonstrated that stopping distances are shorter at speeds up to 40 MPH than either asphalt or concrete surfaces.  
  6. Snowplow safe.  The small joints in the AquaPave are not prone to snagging by the snowplow blade.


Additional Resources

For additional information such as Product Ordering Details, Laying Patterns, Installation Instructions, Specifications and FAQs, please visit our resources section.

Brown's Blended Colours

Reference the product pages to see what colours are stock and special order.

Designer Paver Colours

blackwood range

Blackwood Range

driftwood range

Driftwood Range

nipissing range

Nipissing Range

timberwood range

Timberwood Range


Signature Paver Colours

Reference the product pages to see what colours are stock and special order.

charcoal range


laurentian range

Laurentian Range

robinson range

Robinson Range

fairbanks range

Fairbanks Range

granite range



*The above colours are considered approximate only. For closer representations, request samples from our main office.


For a full list of our product colour availability, check our colour chart: Colour Chart

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