Miscellaneous Hardscape Products

Misc. Hardscape Products

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 image2 19 Evolution Polymeric Sand is designed with enhanced polymer binding technology, in a dust reduced, easy sweep, one step watering process, that can span joints up to 4 inches.
 image3 21 Protect your investment with the total surface protection that Seal King provides. Enhances colours, protects paver surface from oil, dirt and stains. Available in both solvent and water borne options in many different sheens. Seal King manufactures a complete line of cleaners to keep your project looking new. 
 image4 23 A one-piece edge that does it all; straight, curved, or even a complete radius. Available in standard 8 foot lengths with easy interlock connectors to join pieces together, Snap Edge is the choice of professional landscapers.
image5 25  Perfect edge for the contractor and Do-it-yourselfer alike, Surefoot Hardscape Edge features an integrated connection system, heavy duty construction that will not become brittle and lasts a lifetime. Available in standard 8 foot lengths that can be “cut as you go” for time saving installation.
 image6 27  Xtreme Bond is a heavy duty professional quality adhesive for concrete, stone and retaining walls. A premium quality polyurethane adhesive that will adhere to wet and frozen surfaces. Permanently bonds brick, stone, concrete, wood, metal and fiberglass.
 image7 29 As a premier supplier to the hardscaping industry, Great North Hardscape supplies a complete hardscape program that includes edging, hand tools, lifting devices, grid and landscape fabric and hardscape lighting. Click here to visit Great North Hardscape website.
 image8 31 Surefoot Hardscape Products distributes a complete line of products exclusively for the hardscape industry. Visit the Surefoot site for edging, hand tools, lifting devices, grid, lighting, and other accessories for your hardscape project. 

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